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Kreative | Kreations

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I ask myself***

I ask myself the very question* Do I over analyze things* well Yes I do however I think it comes with a very good point to validate emotions that's running thru this mind of mine* The day started off with a message on my answer machine from my seester who lives up in the mid-west... she might be down for a visit to Georgia.. Maybe this late spring or summer* all day I've been over analyzing this... thinking god I hope she spends the night more than one night. I hope we can just go somewhere on a whim without everything planned out. Then I started thinking I really hate how her time has to be split up between seeing me & my family & my own father & stepmom* My Father hmmm is not a delightful man & that is all I have to say about him.. Well I will just let things be... & I'm willing to make my home childproof for my little niece... I'm just hoping I can see my sister much more than when she came down last thanksgiving*~ Keeping my fingers crossed***~

now to post a Foto****~

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