Kreative | Kreations

Kreative | Kreations

Saturday, August 4, 2012


sometimes I just want to be in my car driving at night.... find a open field & somehow mewzik be played & look up under the stars & moon... that's not too much to ask* I find myself dreaming {daydreaming} more than usual... I also want to visit that graveyard in which I went to & very strange yet creepy things happened... I just want to live to 274..... there is so much I want to do & see & if you think about it we are not here very long... so for every minute every second... cherish your time... for that is something you can never get back.... I adore how the smallest oddest things make me so very happy* I can say I'm never bored* Boredom is not in my life... my mind is always racing... racing in a good way... I need to be more productive in the daylight hours... for some reason I feel more alive at night than in the daylight... I'm quite a vampire... I love the sun but its doesn't love me... in which I burn to the crisp... my skin cannot handle the heat... so Autumn weather in my friend.... indeed cannot wait to have a love affair in October... ahhhhh life has been very good.* I have an Amazing Husband....♥..~ he was so understanding about Jamie that just totally makes me realize how much he loves me... & that is totally rad... On another note> McCrea was moved up to the 4th grade which doesn't make any sense what so ever..... when she reads on a 1st grade level... Eric pointed out... that makes total sense... the System {the Government} in which the school is under... makes us humans only know so much knowledge so we may stay within the system... so we will have those mediocre jobs.. unless your blessed with an amazing gift or have plenty of money.. seems like we are doomed to be a puppet... sounds crazy right? not really .... very cynical thinking on my part than my joyous usual... posts... I'm thinking outside the box and realizing that having my daughter being put in the 4th grade when she just has the education of a 1st grade is eye opening. Yes its my job as her parent... I do teach her everyday... life itself... however when she is at school from 7:30 til 2:30 Monday thru Friday.... within the school supervision = its on there end not mine~ This is a negative that will turn into a positive not saying struggle will be involved... I will strive for the best for my daughter~♥

I guess I will close this for now so in the meantime:
Enjoy New Ideas, consume Laughter into your daily life* Have a glass of Tea with a good movie. Hug your child and tell them how much they mean to you* Be Kind very Kind and Love Everyone♥

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