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Kreative | Kreations

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year***

Hello Hello two thousand teenager*** lol 13~~~
Twenty Twelve is behind us now & now for new adventures with many to come this year...
my brain is on overload esp for it being 5am.... I really need to have my days & nights back to normal... I love Owls so much I'm literally a night Owl*

I believe my last post I was talking about that horrible cold I had, I still have the croupy cough that I just cannot shake... however the Holidays were nothing but perfect... Eric managed to get the girls a American Girl Doll and a Kindle Fire.. & I even lucked out on the new Ipod touch 5g which I adore♥
I've seen Jade some & I'm so happy we are connecting and spending time as Mother & Daughter should.. she is truly such a bright young lady & I hope she will stay on the right path.. I think she sees how life is and she has made me proud over these last couple months, nothing compared to this past summer*

News Years was nice... I was so indecisive on where to go & Eric had the money... first I was thinking Henry's Louisiana Grill in Acworth & ring in the new year upstairs but I'm really have a phobia of the floor caving in... crazzzzy huh.... then I thought maybe we should get a cab and go to Taco Mac so we both can drink (Eric and myself since all my girls are with their Nana's) then I thought taco mac would be lame.... I did not even mention that one to Eric. I thought we could go locally up the street to the one bar but it's so lame & we both dislike the music they play, on their system or live bands.... was going to go to a gay club in Atlanta but I really did not feel like going to Jungle... it's just so expensive to go to the city. So after two margarita's we decided we went to the Mexican Restaurant in Marietta, and just down the road this different Gay Club called LeBuzz... it was wonderful... Eric & I had fun & I was told I looked 18... it was really dark and then I was told I was 22... this really made me feel good for I'm 37... but I guess since My outlook that your not old until 83... it makes a huge difference... I even danced which my legs did hurt a little lol that showed my age... It was just nice... me below getting ready to go out for New Years spent with the hubby*~

Well a recap of twenty started running hot... trying to do better as a card merchandiser, still struggling having photography clients, March twenty twelve .... warned will have license revoked if I do not pay the correct amount each week on my child support regardless of my hours, stressful for same day that happened I got laid off then a tornado went by my house SCARY!!! the girls & I frantically went to Hiram walmart, out of all nights Eric was at his brothers house in Ellijay.. the girls & I were out of power for two days. Did have child support dropped Yippie, Eric paid Jade's grandmother until July...
Jade my teenager was out of control making really bad decisions...
Summer twenty twelve!!!! what a surprise a x boyfriend contacts me after 7yrs... yes the one I still have tattooed on my arm... it was mind blowing and I wanted to be his friend, he still made my heart sparkle but I'm faithful to Eric. Jamie & I met up at Taco Mac which was cool, I wanted to see again and we didn't do much talking on facebook, he was really shady about things,, very private and here I am being a good friend and that's married but he is acting so strange.... I became a little obsessed always checking out his girlfrds page cause he never posted anything... I wasn't happy that Tammy has his heart... he blocked me in October and he did say a lot to me and then just disappeared once again.... and just found out he did tie the know with her on Monday... I can say no I'm not Happy but I wish him the best life has to offer... (why do people marry so quickly these days... 
She is pretty even thou I find myself trying to find some flaw....

On a different note: found out on News Years my husbands childhood friend Nick whom met a girl march of 2011 and married October 2011... & now they got divorced the end of last summer... that is music to my ears cause that girl was a rotten soul in which a Bitch... any girl who is married THREE times and divorced by the age 28 really has some issues... so Happy Nick is a free man*** 
Here is a photo I took of the couple spring of 2011~

Now back to the end of summer & going into the fall..... birthdays birthdays birthdays***
Eric's birthday.... Eternity's & McCrea's.... I went all out with decorating for my girls and we actually went to several birthdays from spring all the way to fall.... fun festive time esp with Georgia's warm weather...

                              My birthday was in November*** I got my Owl cake yippie***

Now it was the Holiday season and soon after my birthday I finally got my hair colored fixed & chopped it all off which is really needed it*
I still struggle to have photo clients... I take free sessions & even thou I do not get paid making others happy is what matters... * did make a twenty dollar tip thou***

Just some of the photos I did for some lovely people thru out the year... regardless that I make zero or $500 photography will always be my muse..
Of course my Obsession with Owls have grown... I will spare posting all those photos... I just adore Owls... perfect gift for me in which I did get some from Eric and other's thru out the year* 
Twenty Twelve has been good, of course their is times when I'm fighting with the girls, or Eric, and then his mom really made me made two days after Eternitys' birthday September, it took me awhile to talk with her for she used poor judgement and it was just hard for me. I have learned not to have any ANY Eric's family or friends on any social networking platform... for people like to talk and make up lies and I am not a part of that minuscule bs...

Well going to finally close this post until next time....

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