Kreative | Kreations

Kreative | Kreations

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Every Month Now MOVE ON!!!

just made a report.... tried to report as spam, abuse on my business page... but it would not go thru I guess because I have this bitch blocked on my original page.... I really do not want her to keep harassing me by sending a message on a page where I conduct my business..... this seriously is getting old.... but I am a high believer in Karma.... what you put out in the world will come back to you... so this will work out in my favor... I just need not to feed into .... however it's so annoying.... why am I such significance to this bitches life... I mean seriously you married the man of your dreams... (( joke )) & I've got my own life... really just live yours & stay out of mine....~

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