Kreative | Kreations

Kreative | Kreations

Friday, March 15, 2013

Read my blogs~*

Why do I even care ....
I have nothing to hide
I have nothing to explain (in super duper detail)
I'm def not perfect~*
Yes we all can be in better shape
However I'm PROUD of my size 13!!!
My hair looks very good & yes it did look like shit wasn't the first sure it will not be the last~*
Assume things in a manner of what u want to believe !!!
There is nothing u can do or say that will bring me down ~*
Live ur life to the fullest~*
This is my blog
This is my life
Enjoy all the crazzzy , good, bad, & ugly~
Quit being so jealous ~
If u love reading about my life & I throw out something & you think it's about u then u just think that cause frankly my dear I don't give a damn~* u hold no significance to my life~ so u do what u see fit.... I'm going to continue to carry on & stay calm~* I will post on different subjects of this beautiful life I have~* if u choose to contact me in any kind of way it will be deleted & ur just setting urself up for the laws of attraction to come crashing down in a negative way.~

I have looked over my blogs & I have a damn charmed life~* maybe u should write one about how CHARMING yours is~* Peace~*

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