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Kreative | Kreations

Monday, March 18, 2013

Today was scary

These tornados r getting more & more scary!!! Today was very scary..... Woke up from a cat nap to listen to the schools message that we were under a severe thunderstorm & a tornado watch~ put the news on to see that the weather was getting to serious for my liking.... I immediately called Eric & he told me he will be here in 30 mins~ he showed up & as the nervous person that I am. I wanted to leave & he says we will be fine. He was so nonchalant about it... 10 mins passed he is kicking the kick-bag & the girls are swinging so i pleaded with my family please come inside .... We all went inside & just within minutes I noticed the wind was blowing so hard that the curtain in bedroom was flying up just the small crack from the bottom of the window. & then I hear things hitting the window & as soon as I walked out in the living room Eric is looking out the front door which is open... We r looking out our storm door & it's white & crazy looking the craziest shit I've ever seen... It was the wind & rain blowing sideways! Eric yelled go out the back door!!! Get under the house now!!!!! It was so fucking scary !!! We all went under the house & Eric was finding objects to put over our head if needed... We were only there for about 10mins but enough to scare the hell out of me. I'm so very thankful & grateful that my family is safe. Some words to live by be kind to one another ~ spread kindness & love~

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