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Kreative | Kreations

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

I have to admit I was so lethargic yesterday... I could of slept the whole day away.... However Eric decided for us to go out to eat.... Well it was meant to be that we drove around hiram to find a couple with a young daughter & the mom was pregnant... They had a sign that the father lost his job & they needed any kind of help... Well I teared up as we drove past only that Eric turned around & told eternity to give them $20 dollars.. The mans eyes lit up with joy & had such a soft speaking voice. Spoke with much gratitude.. I wish we could of done more.. Eric said we did our part & the universe will thank us. I felt bad for going out to eat... Eric comforts me it's okay... Well we had a good evening at Texas Roadhouse ... But this going out to eat is so expensive when we could cook better tasting food & healthier at home... So this is going to be a change I see that will benefit my family~ here r some pix of our little Easter dinner~*

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