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Kreative | Kreations

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I have a incredibly heavy heart

Yesterday was my daughters 16th birthday which is bitter... Not really the sweet 16~ we haven't seen each other since Jan since she wants to choose the wrong path.. & I'm the only one whom seems to be a parent to her so she rebels.  Then emotions have been high this week considering the devastation that took place in Moore Oklahoma ... Well on May 22nd it was a joyful day even texted jade told her happy birthday & she said thank u & she received all her cards~* well as I was sitting on the lounge chair, Eternity was talking with me  & we heard what seemed like a cat throwing up or choking... Eternity walked on the other side of daddy's truck to see her cat... She screamed in fear "mommy"  I saw that buttercup was on his side & I immediately told Eternity to go inside ... We both were in panic... She started frantically crying... Then as she's in her room... Omg!!! Buttercup was bleeding sooo much blood was coming out from him... I knew he was gone... I desperately called Eric & at this time both Eternity & McCrea came outside but I stopped them at the door ... I did not want them outside to see him.. I started crying myself with both of my girls in each bedroom screaming for buttercup... I got a hold of Eric & 10mibs later he's home.. I told him to help me.. & be nice when u tell ur girls .... He told Eternity buttercups gone.... She lost it ... Eric had to grab her kicking body & I held onto McCrea who was crying intensely.. This was a horrible feeling that my children had so much heartbreak & pain that I wanted to take away. This happened so quickly ... The girls went outside only for eternity to run back in & I comforted her.. We went back outside & Eric dug a grave for Buttercup.. We said bye & sooo many tears & Eric said he was poisoned not hit by a car ~ it's so sad that this has happened .. I'm crying still & it breaks my heart for my children lost a family member.. He was our family.. 
June 21, 2010
RIP May 22nd 2013

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