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Kreative | Kreations

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today Wonderful Wednesday~*

Yes finally after over 10yrs my iud is out I feel like a new woman... All naturel baby~* now for Eric to get his health in check by him doing what needs to be done cuz no more bay bees ~ lol babies ~* anyways feel like I got punched I'm the stomach but that's not the highlight of my day it's the fact Eric told me to get out get me some lunch... Will be good to drive out... Yes how lovely the drive was from the doctors office in which just in Hiram to the avenue not far to Panera bread but enough for my car in which the ac felt so great but it had to be turned off cause there goes that darn temp gage... Bummer so on the way there & on way home I had to deal windows down with the heat blasting fun fun in over 90 degree weather~* however I still managed to have yummy food from Panera bread & the cream cheese did not melt yippie!!! Well taking it easy pondering some ideas for a infant 4th of July session*~ peace Spaghetti shause lol 

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