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Kreative | Kreations

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It might be a total misunderstanding... but I have a strong feeling that its not*!!

a little over a month ago.... I did someone a favor.... I took product photography for them.... & I think that the product came out very well.... I know building a website takes time and I always wondered why I never had much gratitude from this individual.  I almost did not want to do this considering that my hair color wasn't what I wanted and it was a big waste of money. I put those thoughts to the side and wanted to take some photographs for was fun and nothing was set in stone. I think the product photography turned out well.... however maybe she thinks differently because tonight.... she sent me a invite to like her page from the internet world .... only 7 photographs none of mine... so I linked over to her website and of course she has it built up with plenty of photographs however not one of them is mine... WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT **** I'm trying my hardest to stay tactful and not be upset, angry, sad, let down in any way but this was a slap in the face.... I'm also convinced that she's had plenty of time to use my photography to put on her website.. I did send her a message and will play the waiting game ..... I'm sure that maybe she will tell me she just hasn't uploaded them.... I mean the one's she has are okay... & I really think mine are magazine worthy.... so with sending this message....

Hey just saw your page... are you not using any of the product photography that I took?

& it's lovely that fb lets you know when someone has seen their message it says the time... well she did not respond.... & I just cannot deal with that so I had no choice to block her from my photo page and my regular page... something just doesn't add up.... why would she not use my photography that I spent over two hours bending over backwards literally, accumulating under-boob sweat ha ha,..... I mean she could of at-least put some photos on the site... esp that "hey check out my page like it.... & by the way I used different photography cause I didn't like yours" well I wish her well I really I pissed off = yes... will I get over it....=yes... did I minus the problem =yes deleting and no more interaction is the best for me... I feel as if I was used and unappreciated and that's not a good feeling*~

Just for the respect of the client... I'm covering up all brand names*** just because the issue at hand** looks kind of silly however still shows my work... *

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