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Kreative | Kreations

Friday, July 26, 2013

Just a quick update...

I'm actually surprised that she would go to the level of being so immature ... & say that I'm a alcoholic & I have mental issues... The issue with Tina is a mask within her own reflection ... She has this crutch of if one drinks they r automatically an alcoholic ... Growing up dealing with mom really put her mental state very sensitive. I do not drink hardly & that's just too hilarious & sad she thinks otherwise. Then the mental issues .. Much dealing on within herself.. I'm just a type of person that will tell you exactly how I feel.. Yes I have a temper, yes I use profanity, yes I'm over drama, I'm female = I'm also human... & this is coming from someone who does see a shrink & pops a damn silly antidepressant cause the last time I've taken anything was the late 90's for I find different alternatives to live a happy tranquil life. I'm not mad.. It's just like what I've stated before contaminate or contribute ... In which we both do a share of... = contaminate = just gradually hello | Goodbye is all I need~* 

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