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Kreative | Kreations

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day was the worst day...

I can say yesterday was very horrible, another lie more & more lies from Eric!!!! This is not good. & changes the dynamics of our marriage & how can one go forward when the trust is shattered !!! I just know I'm beyond disappointed & I really hate him for what he's done ... & on top of that his fucking hillbilly dumbass racist bitch mother yeah I said it .... Your a bitch Barbara !!! How dare you fucking disrespect me after what ur precious son did to his family !!! You damn idiot!! If u didn't enable ur boys & raised them better it would be a much better outcome... It's sad how all this happened with Eric betraying me on Friday then a lovely time in mountains only to have my heart shattered all over again on Monday.... Then putting up with his bitch mom... Fuck all the bullshit... Eric knows where I stand & where he stands & a simple just one more fuck up one more time ... He's out !!! I will make some phone calls & do what mama bear needs to do!!! If u fuck me I will fuck you harder!!! Don't mess with this wasp!!! 
The pix show me telling Barbara to basically she needs to quit being a butch & learn to keep her mouth shut .... When she should of been on Eric's case & not say shit to me cause I'm the damn victim here shello!!!!

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