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Kreative | Kreations

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello snow in the South~*

January 28th 2014~** 
Georgia has been hit with a winter storm def what we are not used to... I'm glad I did not send my girls to school... Even Paulding county had students still stuck at school & buses still running last night around 6pm. Also thru out the state many people just had to drive less than 10 miles only to be stuck in traffic for over 5 hours. Example::: Eric left around 10am & only one job... Started snowing & sticking around 10:30 am... Then here's the winter wonderland ... Eric came from marietta square 1pm & did not make it home til after 6pm... People still stranded in Atlanta the surrounding counties it's a mess out their... Sheet of ice people STAY HOME... Some people are still stranded from yesterday it's 4am as I'm typing this... Some kids stayed at their school... Poor people ... This is crazy ... & I just ate cereal & no more milk ... Had to add that in~*** on a better note ::: sharing some pix ... Of this snowy winter watch... Oh people are leaving their cars & walking in this mid 20 degree weather cause running out of gas & traffic just not moving .... (((((Crazy)))))

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