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Monday, March 3, 2014

Boxes !!! My addiction 2 Subscription~

I have ordered sooo many boxes .... It's so habit forming & quite addicting~~~ I do however like the 3 month deals cause with majority of those ... The company doesn't auto-renew it's a one time payment & you will have 3 months of surprise !!!! 

I've started off with my girls ordered them  one ~~ 
McCrea a crafters crate & Eternity a ibbeautiful box 

I have yet received Eternity's box for Febuary that's been paid for at the end of Jan & also a 2nd payment has been made so should have a final box at the end of this month of March~~ I will make a photo reveiw & if Eternity is up for it ... I'll video tape her ~~~ of unboxing ~~ 

I wish I made photo reviews of my first three boxes that I signed up for however I did not even think about it.... 

Birchbox signed up to receive Jan & Feb box & then I decided to cancel day before 3rd box  cause I found another box that's has more of my interest~ 

Eric bought me the Beauty Box 5 .. 3 month gift in which I will have the Feb, March, & April ~~~ then I might try a three month one payment of Beauty Army... 

I'm starting not to really have any appeal to the beauty boxes cause I've stocked up on all new make up by physicians formula & elf in which are natural & very safe for sensitive skin like mine. 

I signed up for BoxyCharm & it states on thier FAQ that payment will be taken out when u sign up ... So with that said I was thinking my first box around valentines day but on accident .... I saw the bank will charge me on the 1st when I wasn't expecting that until the 14th~~~ so I did w/ draw money from my bank account~~ 
Did send BoxyCharm an email but not a quick enough response. 

I did receive one box that's not a subscription in which I've studied some boxes are... That u just pay out. & it's just a one time deal= total beauty collection ... = loved it .. Besides the blush packaging getting everywhere cause it busted but I saved & cleaned it all~~~ 

Then of course my FAVORITE box is the Yuzen Box ..... It's so lifestyle zen... Just everything that's me.... I love it & it's only quarterly so payments r spaced out enough that the overwhelming of $33 doesn't sound as bad as if it was monthly~~~ May August & November r the next payments. 

Wow .... Not sure how I've swingled so much cash from hubby but I managed to order a three month Concious Box Vegan .... I'm sooooo excited about <3 heart swoon !!!!

Then just when I thought I was finished & I had all boxes that my heart desires I really became intrigued that ... Period boxes r just not for pads/tampons/panty liners.... U also get tons of goodies !!! Snacks to cure those crazy cravings & a little gift as jewerly & medicine to help the I do not feel good cause my period just sux!!! Their are many to choose from as Madame Ladybug then the sophisticated Bon Jour Jolie= happiness ~~~ then there is my cotton bunny & I just found one last night a new one .... So many .!!! I did order the pamper me box from Madame Ladybug for McCrea & myself to share~~ considering crafters crate never took my 2nd payment so with Eternity going to receive two boxes ... I need to find a one time gift for McCrea  ~~~ maybe if I can just order her a ibbeautiful... I do not think they have a one box option~ 

Just when I think my obsession has came to a hault .... No I ordered a three month subbie.... That will start in April of vegan/ natural/ lifestyle/ beautiful luxury beauty box called...>>> Petit Vour ...I be liking the ones that r French .... I cannot wait to receive that one!!!! 

Also need to add in ... I'll get myself with any extra money some one time boxes or the three month. Beth soon to be daughter in law is preggers her & tyler r expecting in August~~ so with that said perfect unique gift will be the Ecocentric Mom box in which there is that one & then there's the baby one & the mom to be. Since she's pregnant might get the baby one since she has a little daughter... Not sure wrote an email to the company on their opinion which one ... I should buy~~ later on I will def buy one for myself ... 

Of course jade for her 17th bday in May.... I want to give her one that she will love .. Not sure which one~~~ she's more into lifestyle than all that beauty ::: 

Well in conclusion I'm super excited to be involved in the wonderful world of boxes!!! Shello my name is Laura & yes i have an addiction to Subscription ~~~

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