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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Conscious Box

I joined this company in February 2014.... took about a month to receive my first box in which was okay... mainly samples & not really much to the box... however this is my review on my second box for I ordered a three month gift... so received the first one which was my March Vegan Box * here is the YouTube review on that box* ((1st Box))

I did not make a YouTube review for the second box... just a photo review... I guess this is the April Vegan Box... weird is I received this the first week in April & I'm already having ANOTHER TRACKING NUMBER = confusion.... telling me my last box is on it's way... when I just received one...??? I hope I do not find myself opening a duplicate box... 
This company has had many issues with customer service ... that is all I'm saying.... 
I have recently viewed their website & wow it's very pretty and the fact the boxes look different & the products look NICE~

My Second Box was better than my first... I just hope my last will be what they are advertising on their website & step up Conscious Box Step up & you will be one awesome company... You want us customers to Smile not frown... 

So here are the photos of my Conscious Box April 2014 Vegan Type* 
Please go to the site for all details of pricing*~

my Favorite... these are soooo yummy

That's my review* 
Have a Beautiful Day*

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