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Kreative | Kreations

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Totally adore cute packaging ~

Wow being 38 yrs old ... Ive never been interested in make-up I'm still such a hippie & go for the all natural look cause this chick has never contoured & just recently found out what a beauty blender is lol.~ I do have a kabuki ... In which I think I love saying the name over & over... It has came in good use~ I do have sad news = allergic very sensitive to all eye makeup even the vegan.. The 100% pure I just need to leave my eyes alone... That's not leaving me in the dark thou... I already have my eye on many blushes & just bought flower powder & physicians formula nude wear which I loveeeeee the packaging esp the blush with hearts omg!!! The cutest I've ever seen~ any female can never have enough nail polish or lotion... I loveeee lotion~ here is a few products that's whimsy ever so girly & makes me Happy ~~~ oh yeah it's Happy blush in which does smell good ~~ totally love being a chick ~~~oh also I'm addicted to lip balm .. Love lipstick. & gloss but lip balm esp flavors is awesome ~

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