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Kreative | Kreations

Friday, October 10, 2014

Wantable Box

Wantable is a Subscription Box that offers 
four different lovely boxes to choose one each month for $36 or just what I want to call a gift for yourself or loved one for just a one time payment of $40
Always free shipping
Wantable has as follows
Beauty Box called Makeup
Accessories Box
Intimates Box
& a new one called Fitness
This is a wonderful box, you take a detailed quiz of your likes & dislikes so the box will fit you're needs* 
What I understand that you may return the items if you do not like what has arrived in you're box... please go to website for details* 

I was pleased & so Happy ♥ with this being my first box...which was the Beauty♥makeup one looking forward buying more from this company in the near future*** 

Here are the links to the products included*

Prices are listed from what is on the website

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