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Kreative | Kreations

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Life is Beautiful*

I would of never thought that just so many weeks ago** I would be in the situation that I'm in now... March 2nd was a very changing day... Almost losing my license from Child Support Recovery {scrurrrrry.... & fustrating..... and then within one hour after that was settled I got a phone call from Sandy and I was laid off from my awesome Card Merchandiser job*** :O(  I was very sad.. worried very worried***~ Then as the next few days approached Eric told me its going to be ok and he rather me stay at home and he will pay for my child support unless I can magically find a job close by and have 30hours a week... which is not likely. I really wanted another card merchandiser job... I applied a Hallmark only after filling out the app they are not hiring.. I went on.. being positive but having a wake up call to know that my bank account will stay @ no more than $2. sniff sniff***The main thing is that by every month Eric will pay my child support which is truly a blessing.. I was going to look into the fatherhood program but with their regulations.. I do not think it would be something that would interest me.. FIRST THE NAME IS Fatherhood program... & they require you to do community service so many hours... I'm all about helping someone out but in my own time & I have two other children to look out for... fast forward the fatherhood program isn't until first week of April.
I'm overwhelmed to know that Eric has to make sure before the last day I have the payment sent & postmarked at the Carrollton office. Then Friday the 16th I got a letter telling me I will have my license suspended. I spoke with an agent {a nice one} two ladies up there r so very friendly.. well in order to save my license I will have to come up with $435 by 23rd of this Month.. EZSQUEEZZZZE ME FOUR HUNDRED THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS.... I do not have that neither does my Hubby** well we talked with Corey face to face on Sunday the 18th & he will close the case... omg OMG its like this past week has been crazzzy I've been holding my breath... on Thursday* So after losing my job 3 weeks ago, dealing with the frightening tornadoes.. Now no more paperwork... child support recovery is gone.. Its like that dreadful day back in October of 2010* Eric Corey & I made an agreement... Eric will still pay him to help out with Jade its just we cannot afford $300 here or $400 here to save my license or be threaten to be put in jail...This has worked out for me... I still do miss my card merchandiser job... I'm pursuing my photography** I even changed my name.. all this change is kind of weird to me but I need to sit back & know that I deserve this and my family will def benefit from it~ until next time xoxo~~~~~

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