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Kreative | Kreations

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Twenty Days*

Its been 20 days of complete crazziness in this brain of mine.... Mr Moore { Jamie Moore } that is has came back into my life & it has been quite a surprise... well thru email messages, text messages, facebook messages, one phone call, & a short but lovely meeting for one hour at the local taco mac with sum fotos taken of course. Its been splendid* I however couldn't live with the fact that I lied to Eric about meeting him last Thursday in which was nothing but Innocent. So yesterday on Tuesday I told Eric & he handled the information very well. He was upset a little the fact I hid it from him & he did feel a little concern if I was being totally honest with him. I told him everything EVERYTHING~~~ Eric knows I'm not throwing away our love for this man.. & Eric & I both know this was someone that I fell in love with. It's nice that Jamie did apologize 7 yrs later to makes amends* I'm happy now & glad that I'm honest with Eric & wish a long lasting friendship with Jamie*~

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