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Kreative | Kreations

Friday, July 27, 2012

This is a post that I had to write from my soul*** I do not have any regrets... I also sent it to multiple emails so to make sure I'm getting the message across. this is a second blog that I've posted this on... I just have to get this off my chest & I have to admit... I feel 200% better* Until next time... a much better happy post will be in the very near future*~

Dear Jamie,
How r u today?  I would like to ask you why did you contact me….??? Seriously why?  I was so grateful to hear from you….. I’m glad you said sorry for what happened 7yrs ago… However as in a nurturing friendship>>>> your lacking & failing* Once we have met you have disappeared & yes you have a life, yes you have responsibilities & yes you have your time.  I just cannot wrap my head around why you just popped up in my life & now seems like you have disappeared… if you want to be friends than show that loyalty to me.  I have been foolish that I went behind Eric’s back to meet you.. he knows all about you and he just doesn’t want us to elope together lol. Eric has high respect for me & I have much for him. He is a wonderful man & I have stepped over the line by letting my emotions for you get in the way. Yet you were always a part of my life.. It took me forever for you to leave my thoughts just 3 yrs ago… you was still thought of. I want to cherish a friendship with you but I can see clearly that it might just be in complete shadiness on your end. You do lie a lot in situations….. no wonder Melissa left you.. I might be stepping on your toes however I will not let anyone step on my heart… not in any situation. I’m not no crazzy wabbit this chick in someone who is passionate & compassionate to see some BS when its right in front of her. You want to be friends then SHOW ME… do not walk in my life…. after seven years and flirt with me… & say all this lovey dovey shiot…. & then just disappear… esp after we met up.. I’m not no beauty queen… I’m a tender ahhsum Soul that deserves everything life has to offer. You have only offered much confusion. I just want a straight up answer from you.. & plus I’m no one’s secret… You might be private… I’m an open book… I take pride & cherish every single relationship I have in my life. I feel if one’s toxic then I get rid of it. I have cared for you so very much… I truly loved you… {on a an Obsession level} My cousin pointed out that just cause you love someone… so much doesn’t make that person a good human… Are you a good human? Your charm & good looks can only get you so far…. without clarity, logic, & just being a Beautiful Soul inside & out. You will always have failure. I do not wish you anything but happiness. This email is from my heart & to let you know if you truly want to be my friend than effin prove it… Be a man…. be a Wonderful soul. You mean a lot to me… I always thought back in 93 Jason was a very wonderful soul then he came back in 2005 & not so much… Hmmm 2004 & 2005 Jamie Moore a true Beautiful soul…. 2012…. hmmm maybe not so much. Your actions suck… Eric wonders if you will meet him… are you willing to ever do that? {or will that be too much out of your comfort zone} Also its not a big deal well atleast not to me…. to take professional photos of your children. You say Melissa would be angry… well you are divorced & last time I checked your a grown man to make your own decisions & should live for yourself not other people.  Well my friend… you might just hate me now… it will only prove the truth… I wish you the best & would just love to be your friend… I do have a love for you that I want you in my life & if its just one sided than you must be a coward & walk away like you did seven {7} years ago* 
sincerely xo 

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