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Kreative | Kreations

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I have to stay strong & put up this wall*

well yesterday I did hear from Jamie & it wasn't that ahhsum... I truly believe Karma is reacting in a way that its for the best... its not meant to be for myself & him to be friends how I have it in this crazzzy mind of mine. I did not like what he had to say & the words "it cannot be on my terms" just really does not make me happy at all. I know that this man was very special to me.... & for him to be in my life cause's much confusion & its not like we were going to be buddy's and chill for Eric pointed out males & females do not do that without some hidden agenda... even thou Frankie was an exception & Richard also.... However to think that I was going to be able to take photos of his children and us to chill was just a fantasy of mine. It wasn't good enough for me just for him to be on my Facebook and since we met he didn't really have nothing to say. I just cannot handle that.. so I was facetious on what I wrote back to him then I just had to delete him & block him  for its for the best... I blocked him on my other two facebooks... never thought I would do that but its in protection of my heart & my well being of my family & respect for myself & Eric. I also blocked his email...  so if he does ever write me.... I will never know... its better this way... I feel that all these strong wonderful feelings that I had for this man has been crushed into.. I feel that the wounds have been reopened & salt has been poured into them... well now for this chapter to end... my next thing will be a line thru his name... the tattoo on my arm.... that will give it much significance that I need.... Goodbye Jamie Moore*~♥

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