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Kreative | Kreations

Sunday, January 20, 2013

just a quick post

I'm going to just add in some ramblings....

I love the sound of Nostalgic Dreamer♥~
I also found some cute shirt designs for Cancer Awareness...
I'm happy to say this year will be the first year that I want to try my very best to raise some money for the Relay of Life in May here in Paulding County. I have my goal to raise $100 and I have zero as of now. I also see some very cute shirts that I want to order online for McCrea & myself. Eternity & myself have two shirts from her school.... blasting cancer out of this world is the logo... I really want a different shirt cause it's more personal... it actually tells about my survival of a lung cancer survivor*

I love it... just really love it*
Then here is one for McCrea*~
Awareness is very important to me.... I have slacked tremendously each year that I walk.... I want to be more involved... I mean I'm here... & I survived... my life could of been cut short at 23yrs of age... & now I'm 37!!!!! I'm so thankful that I'm here & alive... happy Jade did not lose her mom when she was so little, & if I would of died... Eternity & McCrea wouldn't be here...
This really makes me... want to be more grateful

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