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Kreative | Kreations

Thursday, January 17, 2013

  • Tammy Carroll Moore How disgusting to have the name of a man other than your husband on your arm! Can u say physco?
  • DayDream Vintage | FotoGraphy Do not let the green eyed monster get u down~ & it's psycho ((u spelled that incorrectly)) *cheers*
  • Angelyn Michelle Yeah that is kind of messed up. Why doesn't she have her husband's name on there? Or wait does she have every guys name on her that she's slept with?! Wow what this?! I just love these psycho people!!!!! :))))
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  • Angelyn Michelle It's okay because she's the one that is the one with a tattoo of a guy that she stalks so she is the one who is a little off. But I mean hey if that makes her happy then fine she doesn't have him! She's a married woman already!
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  • Tammy Carroll Moore Green eyed ugly Azz monster! Makes u wonder what kind of husband he is to let her still have that on her arm. Obviously one that doesn't give a crap about his wife!
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  • Tammy Carroll Moore You got the stalker part right on! That tattoo is proof! Cant let go after 8 years! Wow.....cheers
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    ^^^^above is two people whom is truly ranting & just ranting^^^^ it speaks volumes on what words they spoke... = a little bit of Jealousy*~

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