Kreative | Kreations

Kreative | Kreations

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The messages*

Honey trust jealousy on my part... It's the other way around. I have Jamie now and forever! You can't handle that he loves " me" and that we r husband and wife . He dispises it ugly self! Your disgusting! With would I be jealous? He is with me and we rock each others world! So time u get over it sick fantasy about my husband!

You know with the last several days it just shows what kind of character you have...... what karma you put out is what you get back... not only am I under Jamie's skin.... I've really have got under yours... you silly bitch~ 

Haha..u don't bother me... More like amuse a sick bitch who has a mans name on u who hates u

You have amused me also~ However anyone with class, etiquette, and being a good person would not have started this juvenile bullshit...~ Just shows that your nothing but a jealous redneck bitch... cause your trying way too hard to convince me of shit.... 

I'm a true southern girl.. By far a redneck... U crack head whore

lol~ crack head whore.... & this is coming from someone whom is in their 40's.... do you not feel foolish as hell... writing me saying all this bullshit... when you do not even know me... you believe what you believe in that little miniscule mind of yours... this isn't something to be proud of or even act this way when I haven't done one fucking thing to you.. I wish Jamie happiness and as for you & him... I'll be surprised if it even lasts a year.... so good luck~

Umm we don't u to wish us any happiness! Age is not the point. We will make it r the one that did the name calling and you don't know a fucking thing about me either. I'm just asking u tostay the he'll out of our life and that includes anything to do with us and his children.

Ta ta. 
What's it point in sending me a pic of him with u? I know he met u at taco He looks like he wants to throw up
I haven't been in your life or his.... stupid bitch~~~
U better keep it that way
bitch ur not going to do shit so quit acting like you have some balls & quit blabbing that fucking mouth of yours....
Fuck off
just rem when you lay your pretty little blonde head down on your pillow at night you think about all the Karma your putting out in the world & do you really know Jamie Steven Moore.... do you know all the details from when he was talking with me last year do you....

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