Kreative | Kreations

Kreative | Kreations

Monday, July 22, 2013

Family isn't everything esp when it comes to my sister

Oh how we have bumped heads over the years... I really do not ever want to be angry with her... However the shit she does is really uncalled I've washed my hands again via all communication Internet... Also her other friends have been blocked even thou they r innocent as well as other family that's from Illinois it's just a conflict of interest... Why didn't she just answer me... Is it something like Eric is saying that her guy might of commented on a photo of mine & complimented me & made Tina insecure & weird & maybe jealous ... It seems like that's what's in the cards but that seems so far fetched but what other reason why she would have him block me... It's not like I was going to friend him... Why would I?? Anyways I'm finished until at later moment~* anger in a loving heart diminishes happiness thru the mind & one becomes bitter... As one must let go of all things negative until all is resolved ~* 

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