Kreative | Kreations

Kreative | Kreations

Monday, July 22, 2013

& that's her excuse???!!! What ?? Is she talking about

She is such a weirdo & I never have said anything to anyone about whom she's dated?? Who has she dated ?? She got knocked up by Aaron & hasn't dated since & miss Shanna is 2 yrs so I do not have a clue whom she's referring to. She's lying to me & what's the real reason ... I'm done... I'm just sick of her shenanigans's better this way.. I wish her a joyful life but again it boils down we have shit in common & her demeanor the way she does things just drives me insane ... It's better no communication & it's a proven fact why we do not talk on the phone.. She's just weird on things & not the easiest person to have conversations with ..  Then when we visit with each other it's just a drag & it's one sided as hell. What she wants only as movie of choice, her doing whatever ... So I'm done for now .. Not saying forever but she just drives me crazy. She's lying to me & herself about this dude & it's bullshit!!! Something I'm willing to just say fuck it & walk away!!! Ask myself does she contribute or contaminate ... Def contaminate ... 

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