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Kreative | Kreations

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Petit Vour May 2014

My Petit Vour May 2014 
        Foto Review*

LA VIE EST BELLE Life is Beautiful

Spring is full of Brilliant color, flashing rays of light and fresh fragrances. It is the season of renewal and, to us, that means time to play up our beauty routine--touching and awakening the senses.

Sweet Vegan Luxury Monthly Subscription Box

$15 Monthly cancel anytime (free shipping) USA
$45 3-month plan one payment/gift subscription (free shipping)USA
$90 6-month plan one payment/gift subscription (free shipping)USA
$23 Monthly cancel anytime (Canada)

$30 Monthly cancel anytime (International)
 Delivered in this Beautiful PINK box & Love the Statement 
Be Bold. Be Kind. 

Always a description card included*

Aromi Lippie | $15-$17
Elevate your style by adding a pop of rich color to your lips. Bright, vibrant, fun-loving and lip-quenching, your new favorite lippie is handcrafted from scratch and formulated with only the finest raw materials.
(a little too dark for my skin complexion, however I'll give it a try)

Deep Steep Hand Cream | $10
Our go-to hand cream nourishes hands with enriched moisturizers targeted to restore softness. We think of it as the perfect elixir for thirsty skin.

Harvey Prince Hello Fragrance | Full-size, $55
say HELLO to the chicest spring fragrance. Inspired by sunshine and gardens of blooming flowers, Hello is the perfect warm weather scent. The energizing blend of citrus and floral notes is breezy, Spring-y and perky to boot.

Paula's choice Resist C15 Super Booster | Full size, $45
Every makeup bag needs a superhero, so let us introduce the ultimate skin savior: C15. Give your skin a major boost by dabbing 2-3 drops to clean, dried skin. For skin that's smooth, bright and tight--C15 is just the ticket.  

I Loved this Box ♥

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